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Historic Druid Hills Vibrant & Thriving

Love never loses its way home.
- Adinkra Proverb -

The Druid Hills

Neighborhood Association

Welcome! We are the Druid Hills Neighborhood Association. As a community-based organization, we serve over 2,000 residents who call Druid Hills home.



Our vision is to create a clean, safe, well maintained, and self sufficient neighborhood with adequate infrastructure where residents can live, work, and play.



Our mission is to create a climate for growth by teaching, sharing, mission outreach and being advocates for social justice.

I am happy to call Druid Hills home. I moved back to the neighborhood in 1996.

There were many changes. However, the most valuable change was the Druid Hills Neighborhood Association. The organization has help to reduce crime and disorder in our community. I am extremely grateful for the work the residents are doing.


- D.R.G. -

The symbol used in the Druid Hills Neighborhood Association's logo is from the Akan peoples of Ghana and

Cote d'Ivorie, West Africa. Though decorative in nature, the motif or Adinkra embodies the values and beliefs of the Akan.

This symbol is called Nyame Dua or The Tree of God. It represents God's presence and protection.

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